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Colgate Duraphat 5000 – Detailed Product Description

best-price-duraphat-5000Colgate Duraphat 5000 is prescribed when there is either a high incidence of cavity formation, or the danger of either future formation or a previous history of dental or gum disease. With regular use, it is clinically proven to help reduce the formation of cavities by as much as 70% over regular toothpaste usage.

Most toothpastes today include fluoride in their makeup, but the average is between 1000 to 1100 parts per million fluoride, and even less in children’s toothpaste. Colgate has been a leader in the production of high quality toothpaste for over two hundred years, when the company was started in New York by William Colgate, and has developed Duraphat toothpastes with varying amounts of fluoride to suit the needs of the patient. Used as part of a fluoride therapy program, Duraphat 5000 contains the maximum amount of fluoride that has been proven beneficial. It must be prescribed by a dentist, and is not provided over the counter because of the high fluoride level.

The relationship between the dosage prescribed and the effect on cavity formation shows that the longer the period of usage, the greater the effect. Enamel hardening has been shown to be 54.9% after three months, and 76.1% after six months.

Duraphat is made to provide the patient with a simple to use method of improving their overall dental health, and the ease of use is meant to help the patient comply through a regular routine. This makes it much more likely that the patient will continue the use for a prolonged period and achieve the best results.

Patients with periodontal disease are almost twice as likely to suffer from heart disease, according to major studies. Bacteria


originating in the mouth can contribute to atherosclerosis in the carotid artery, leading to the development of a stroke. Brushing three times daily with Duraphat 5000 is a simple, inexpensive, and effective way of reducing this bacteria and contributing to the prevention of heart problems.

Those who suffer from diabetes can also benefit from the high levels of fluoride in Duraphat 5000. Blood sugar levels can be increased by having periodontal disease, making it more difficult for a diabetic to keep their sugar levels at a constant low level. Using Duraphat 5000 to combat cavities and gum diseases can make it easier for a diabetic to keep sugar and insulin levels under control.

Other diseases have also been clinically proven to be related to periodontal disease. Bacteria present in the mouth can be associated with pneumonia, when the bacteria passes into the lungs. Research has also shown a link between gum disease and certain types of cancer. Males with periodontal disease were more likely to develop kidney, blood and pancreatic cancer. Using Duraphat 5000 to prevent cavities and control mouth and gum disease not only protects your teeth, but also helps to protect your overall health. Flouride up to the level of 5000ppm is a proven contributor in the fight against tooth decay, gum disease and gingivitis. It helps in the prevention of plaque by building a hardened protective coating over the enamel on the tooth, and will help reduce the effects of tooth decay with regular use.

Many of the common problems occurring in the teeth and gums can be successfully treated using Duraphat 5000. People who have acid reflux disease, as well as those who consume large amounts of soda or acidic beverages, are always at risk of enamel erosion. Once enamel is gone, it can’t be best-price-duraphat-5000replaced, so it is extremely important to provide adequate protection for it. Smokers have a high risk not only from tooth decay but also from discolouration due to the inhalation and constant exposure to tobacco and nicotine. Many people suffer from varying degrees of tooth sensitivity from cold, heat, acids and sweets, particularly in teeth adjacent to those that are decayed. Using Duraphat 5000 can help in the treatment of these problems, as well as helping to prevent them.

Flouride in the drinking water supply has greatly reduced the incidence of cavities, particularly in children. However, those with no access to it, or for those who already have cavities or at particular disposition to them, using Duraphat can make the difference between good oral and physical health and the incidence of periodontal disease. Colgate Duraphat 5000 has helped thousands of users worldwide to improve the quality of their health, and to bring on a brilliant white smile throughout the day.